Mr Pablo Fraile at Ashridge Business School

Mr Pablo Fraile at Ashridge Business School

Why did you decide to do an MBA?

Coming from an engineering position within my company into a sales and marketing role, I started to be less involved in technical matters and more involved in business decisions and situations where strong leadership was required, where I felt out of my comfort zone. 

Why Ashridge?

Ashridge provides the right mix of theoretical and practical learning, mixed with leadership and self-development that felt very appropriate for me. All this, in a great environment that other schools could not match.

How would you describe the Ashridge approach?

I liked the style of teaching in small groups with very direct contact with the lecturers and subject leaders. In occasions it feels very academic, with focus on exams, but I understand that this is changing.

What were the highlights?

The learning modules and in particular the international week are definite highlights. The hands-on work with companies in other cultures, and the possibility to do real work with colleagues has been a wonderful experience.

How has your career evolved as a result or how has the Ashridge MBA changed your career?

Half-way throught the MBA I moved from Sales Manager into a Product Manager position in my company. The work is much more strategic and influential in the company. I do industry analysis, competitive and marketing positioning, financial planning, etc. All this, whilst co-ordinating a varied team of people across several sites. I don't think I would have had the right toolset, skills and leadership to perform well in this new role without the MBA.

Has your organisation benefited?

When I look at the output of my work, I see the influence of the MBA everywhere. My choice of project is a strategic product development where I'm putting many of the tools and systematic thinking that I have learned over the last two years.

How did you benefit?

Not only have I learned new skills that I apply in my everyday job, but also I have developed a more systematic approach to problem-solving.

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