Mr Raymond Leban at CNAM IIM

Mr Raymond Leban at CNAM IIM

About CNAM

Located in the heart of Paris - the capital of continental Europe - and created more than two centuries ago, CNAM is the largest university in France. It holds the highest levels of accreditation, up to doctoral studies. Its faculty is one of the most prestigious and well-known in Europe for its academic excellence. Approximately 500 full-time professors and researchers and 1,800 adjunct faculty are employed at CNAM's Paris campus. As the National Institute of Science, Technology and Management, CNAM is housed in a world-class institution.

Could you describe your MBA program?

The CNAM-IIM MBA program is designed for young and mid-career individuals who seek to increase their professional horizons, domain knowledge and leadership ability. The official language is English. Our MBA is built on more than two decades of experience. We first commissioned programs that were designed for scientists and engineers and this foundation led to the creation of the IIM.

What are the objectives of your MBA program?

The objectives are as follows:
1. To deliver a comprehensive base of business knowledge in the core areas of Strategy, Economics, Organizational Behavior and Systems, Information Systems, Law and Ethics, Finance, Marketing, Accounting and Quantitative Analysis, and to offer more in-depth training in Business Unit Management, Project Management, or Financial Services.
2. To develop communication and interpersonal skills that lead to team effectiveness and leadership capacity. 
3. To develop the critical thinking that profits from theory and results in action.

What kind of people are drawn to your MBA?

The typical CNAM-IIM MBA student has high academic qualifications and professional experience. An undergraduate degree is required and candidates must satisfy demanding GMAT and proficiency in English requirements for admission. Most of our students are 28 to 35 years of age and have 5 or more years of work experience. We promote diversity in the classroom and make a conscious effort to achieve a balanced mix of nationalities, ethnicities, genders, and religious creeds.

Could you describe the structure of your program?

The CNAM-IIM MBA program is designed around the framework of an orientation week, a core curriculum, an elective curriculum, and a consulting project. Most courses carry three credits, are 36 contact hours in duration and meet for twelve, 3-hour sessions over a trimester in Paris or at one of our regional centres. The MBA begins with an intensive first week of orientation, team building and foundation sessions. With faculty guidance, a team of students is introduced to one of our business partners who then presents a live business issue. The consulting project is a team-based experience that turns theory and reflection into real-world action. The challenge is to resolve this issue to a high level of satisfaction from an action, research or consulting perspective.

What makes your MBA special ?

The Cnam has provided life-long / pofessional higher education for over 200 yrs. We understand the needs of busines sin the real world and have faculty that are usually doubly-qualified: a doctorate or advanced academic degree, combined with significant professional backgrounds.

Our MBA programs are unique in the choices they provide students, and the fields of specialization: Financial planning, Risk Management, Knowledge Management are specializations that are seldom offered elsewhere.

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