Ms Thuli Skosana at the Copenhagen MBA

Ms Thuli Skosana at the Copenhagen MBA

Interview with Thuli Skosana,
Admissions Manager at Copenhagen Business School

Thuli Skosana is the Admissions Manager of the Full-time MBA at Copenhagen Business School. Ms. Skosana is also an alumna of the programme and has a background in Journalism and Media Studies. In this interview she sheds light on how entrepreneurship is incorporated into the programme and how students with entrepreneurial goals are supported by the programme.

What are the specifics of your MBA programme?

Our triple-accredited programme is built around three pillars, namely Leadership, Entrepreneurship and Sustainable Business Practices. With a maximum of 40 students per year, we offer each indivudual of our international cohort a personal experience with attention from faculty and a unique opportunity to create real connections that result in a strong post-MBA network.

What are the characteristics you are looking for in applicants?

When our participants join us, they typically have had careers (or personal situations) that have allowed them to demostrate their leadership potential. They are good communicators with intercultural understanding or a desire to improve these aspects of their professional profile. They have a voracious appetite for learning new things and are not afraid to take on new challenges and be challenged. Most importantly, they are intelligent and mature, and have a good idea  as to how the focus areas of the Copenhagen MBA will enhance their career profile and ambitions/goals. 

How does the size of the class affect the quality of education?

Our class size is between 35 and 40 students per year and this is deliberately to ensure individual attention from faculty and full participation from the students themselves.  Student participation is particularly important because of the inclusive style of teaching that is used at the programme. All opinions/viewpoints matter and contribution from students is encouraged, as it enriches the learning. Through this approach, students walk away with a richer experience and a better understanding of the topics and theories that are put forward in class.

How is the Entrepreneurship track incorporated within your programme?

Entrepreneurship is a cornerstone of our programme and is embedded in the curriculum. Participants will encounter the topic in modules and electives such as the core course ‘Entrepreneurial Mindset’ and the ‘MBA Startup Accelerator’. They also get a chance to contribute to the development of a startup or growth company through our A-Board programme, where students sit on the advisory board of these companies for the duration of their studies. CBS FTMBA students are also offered the opportunity to ‘get their hands dirty’ by participating in the Danish student idea competition: Venture Cup, as well as the VCIC competition, which gives the students an opportunity to play the role of Venture Capitalists. 

The way in which Entrepreneurship is approached at CBS encourages not only the pursuit of entrepreneurial ventures, but equips the individual with an entrepreneurial mindset for tackling business challenges.

What percentage of your students embarks upon entrepreneurial ventures after graduation?

More than 5% of our graduates will pursue or launch their own business idea upon graduation.

Does your school have special facilities that help students with entrepreneurial interests (e.g. business/ start-up incubators/ simulators)?

The programme has introduced a mentor-driven elective called “MBA Accelerator”, which is designed for those wanting to start their own businesses or creating new projects in a company. Over the course of one week students have access to seasoned professional coaches and mentors who will assist them and evaluate their business ideas. Students develop a business plan for their assignment for the course.

Copenhagen Business School is also home to the Copenhagen School of Entrepreneurship, which is open to all CBS students including the Full-time MBA.

The programme also supports participation in case competitions.

How many of your students want to take electives that revolve around Entrepreneurship?

30% of the class sign up for Entrepreneurship-focused electives. However, as previously pointed out, entrepreneurship is embedded in the programme. 

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