The encounter with the Chinese economic environment is a crucial learning experience and has now become a must for strategic management experts who want to work in the global market. Through the ChinaMed Business Programme, ESCP Europe refines high-potential profiles that are suitable for positions anywhere in the world.

The summer programme is delivered in an intensive set of crash courses for graduate students and dynamic future managers pursuing an effective business career across China and the Euro-Mediterranean region.

Who is the programme for?

The ChinaMed Business Programme (CMBP) is designed to equip a high-power group of prospective managers and entrepreneurs with strategic skills in the areas of business internationalisation, cross-cultural management, and creative entrepreneurship, with a focus on China and the Euro-Mediterranean region.

It is an advanced training package of Junior Executive Education developed to allow young people aiming for a managerial-entrepreneurial career, with a strong orientation towards China, to position themselves in European, Chinese and international companies with profiles of immediately recognisable value. The course is particularly suitable for young professionals, university students or recent graduates.

What is the format?

Summer training programmes provide great opportunities for students to spend their summer vacation in a smart way. At ESCP Europe, the programmes are designed to develop hands-on learning and practical learning experience – skills that are essential for future careers.

The methodology employed by the CMBP faculty is based on the principles of action learning, where teaching aims to develop knowledge, competences and attitudes that can quickly be operationalised in the business world. The programme offers a combination of intensive courses that last 6 weeks from 12 July to 24 August. Students have access to more than 250 hours of lectures on marketing and entrepreneurship, company visits, business cases, and soft mentoring by managers from various fields.

Training sessions comprise formal lectures, team project work, case study analyses, business model testing, startup business plan simulations, and both formal and informal conversations with a variety of guests who have first-hand experience of entrepreneurship and management across China and the Euro-Mediterranean region. Company visits to some of China’s most innovative enterprises are arranged weekly.

A trademark of the CMBP is its faculty’s commitment to one-to-one soft mentoring: participants are encouraged to approach instructors and guests individually both during and after the programme for advice and networking tips.

Where does it take place?

The programme takes place in China, across the three Peking University campuses: in Beijing, Chongqing, and Guangzhou. It is organised by ESCP Europe in collaboration with the University of Torino (Italy), and the Torino World Affairs Institute – T.Wai, assembled under the name TOChina Hub.

The course is delivered by executive education specialists, scholars of contemporary China, and China-based professionals who share essential strategic competences in the fields of international business, intercultural management, and business dynamics between China and Europe.

Online applications are accepted until 27 May 2018 and are treated on a first-come, first-served basis. To begin the application process, click here.

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