The Copenhagen Business School MBA Accelerator

At Copenhagen Business School, the theme of Entrepreneurship runs throughout the entire Full-time MBA programme. Through a core course, Entrepreneurial Mindset, case competitions, electives and other activities, students are stimulated to broaden their minds in search for the right opportunities, and taught how to analyse, study and develop them into practical business concepts.

The CBS MBA Accelerator is one of the opportunities students have to develop their entrepreneurial skills.  This elective course is designed for students who are especially interested in starting their own companies or creating projects within companies. The setup is based on acceleration models for startups and innovations (for example Techstars, Ycombinator, and Startup Bootcamp) and the course builds on the knowledge and experience the MBA students have gained from the programme up to that point.

The CBS MBA Accelerator is an active learning, mentor driven process, where students meet with experienced investors, researchers, entrepreneurs and experienced business mentors to help them develop their own business idea into a business development plan. Participants gain a better understanding of concepts like: business models, market development, prototyping, business platforms and pitching. They learn the tools and techniques for crafting a business development plan, and how to illustrate the story of the venture and bring focus to the potential value. They learn this all by doing, and at the end of the course, defend a business idea of their own, presenting their pitch and fielding questions from fellow students, mentors, and potential investors.

See the MBA accelerator in action with this video.