Copenhagen Business School has reinvigorated its MBA programme with a number of changes that add an extra dimension to executive development.

The Full-time MBA programme at Copenhagen Business School (CBS), known as the Copenhagen MBA, sets out to provide a transformative experience that is wholly relevant to the leaders of the future.

The Danish school has retained the parts of the programme that work well: the variety of stimulating teaching methods, the deep-rooted links with Danish businesses, and the core focus on sustainability in management. And then CBS has shaken things up… just a little.

Here is what Poul Hedegaard, MBA Director at CBS, shared about the news:

“We have given great thought to the needs of the leaders of the future and distilled this down to create a forward-thinking programme that delivers everything you would expect from a triple accredited MBA, as well as allowing for a good deal of personalisation. This is no one-size-fits-all proposition. That’s what makes the Copenhagen MBA even more special.”

Greater freedom to choose your flavour

CBS has upped the ante by giving you more choice about the direction in which you want to take your studies. Not only will you cover the core modules, giving you insight and inspiration about the fundamentals of organisational life, the management of key stakeholders, and theories and methods for successful strategic execution, but you can now choose one of four concentrations. The MBA concentration enables you to dive deeper into a key topic of your choice.  

Making your MBA your own

You will be offered the opportunity to study either Digitalisation, Entrepreneurship, Finance, or Governance & Sustainability at greater depth and explore what it means in the context of modern and sustainable leadership. And since you will be doing several courses on the subject of your choice, you will leave the MBA armed with insight that you can apply in your next professional role.

Choose Digitalisation, for example, and you will learn about digital and emerging technologies to aid strategy building and transform all areas of your business. You will also explore how to manage a digital workforce and how to use data to lead the way forward.

These are important topics if you are looking to move into a management or leadership role. What is more, you will study your chosen concentration alongside experienced and inspiring Executive MBA candidates, offering even greater learning and networking opportunities.

Take advantage of Danish business connections…

Denmark is renowned all over the world for its ethical approach to management and the sustainable business practices favoured by the country’s organisations. So what better place to further your understanding of this forward-thinking ethos? After all, it is critical that we wake up to the pressures our societies and nature are facing and begin to do what we can as leaders of a greener and more positive future. In fact, CBS believes this topic is so important you will find the thread of sustainability running through the entire MBA.

…and learn through real-life scenarios

We learn best when we apply our newfound knowledge to issues and business situations that are in front of us. That is why we provide ample opportunities to take yourself out of your comfort zone and start putting that theory into practice. From the A-Board (Advisory Board) course that gives you the chance to work with the founders of a local start-up, to the final Integrated Strategy Project that encourages you to work through a real-life challenge in a company, CBS throws you straight in at the deep end – but only after teaching you how to swim. MBA class participants can also rely on mentorship, a personalised career course, and valuable leadership skills to set them up for future success, whatever that may look like to them.