MBA Masterclass: Succeeding in an Uncertain World with Critical Thinking
MBA Masterclass: Succeeding in an Uncertain World with Critical Thinking

Thursday, Nov 28, 2019, 15:00 - 16:30 CET

Join us for a masterclass with Xavier Duran, economics and strategy lecturer at Manchester Business School.

In a future dominated by uncertainty and change, versatility and adaptability are key. As technology increasingly permeates wider areas of our personal and professional lives and we hear that a significant proportion of the jobs we will be doing in 20 years’ time are as yet not invented, we resign ourselves to the need to change careers a number of times over our professional lives.

Far from suggesting that these changes herald a decrease in the popularity of the MBA qualification, our webinar contends that they actually strengthen its relevance. Being a broad business and management qualification, the MBA provides a holistic and synthetic overview of how organisations work (or ought to work) and how we manage them. Whilst this synthetic approach may be mainly framed around the context of the current business environment, the focus on adaptive skills coupled with the critical mindset these programmes instil in their students, contribute to making MBAs very forward-looking and are ultimately the reason for its resilience as a qualification. Our webinar will explore the benefits that an MBA can bring. With its focus on building collaboration, communication, creativity and critical skills, the MBA journey will enable graduates not only to survive but to thrive in an uncertain and dynamic business environment. Our webinar will strengthen the case for the relevance of the MBA qualification in a digital age.

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