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Admission Tests

Admission Tests

If you have already started your research into what it takes to obtain an MBA degree, you are probably well aware of the standardised admission tests that most business schools and MBA programmes require of applicants. The GMAT (Graduate Management Admissions Test) and GRE (Graduate Records Examination) are the most common examples of such tests. They are designed to assess the analytical, quantitative, writing, and reading skills of graduate school candidates and can be used to single out the most qualified business people from the overall pool of applicants.

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Keep in mind that admission test scores are just one element of the evaluation of your application. Although some B-schools use the test score as a strict pre-selection criterion, other programmes emphasise other criteria such as managerial experience or the good fit of the candidate with the school. In addition, there are plenty of programmes which do not list a GMAT or GRE score as a formal requirement at all. Even so, scoring high on one of the most common admission tests can impress the admissions board and help you get accepted to your programme of choice, win merit scholarships or even impress future employers. Finally, preparing for the tests equips you with the skill set for success during your studies.

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