A roundtable discussion on the topic “The Advantages of a Full-Time MBA” with:

  • Nick Cowles, Head of Sales & Recruitment at EU Business School
  • Vasileios Zaravellas, Assistant Director of MBA Marketing and Admissions at Rotterdam School of Management
  • Philippe de Castro, Programme Director of the International Organisations MBA at the University of Geneva, Geneva School of Economics and Management


[02:10] What types of MBA programmes does each business school offer?

[05:05] What is unique about the full-time MBA programme compared to other types of formats?

[07:50] How do full-time MBA formats differ between business schools?

[11:10] How can candidates, especially those from abroad, judge the quality and reputation of an MBA programme?

[14:32] When is the right time career-wise for a professional to enroll in a full-time programme?

[16:50] And as a follow-up question, what would you advise candidates who have found out that it is not the right time for a full-time MBA? What are the alternatives?

[19:00] What are the advantages of the full-time format career-wise and how does it boost career progression for candidates after they graduate?

[22:30] How do business schools cater for the career goals of full-time MBA participants?

[28:44] What is required for the full-time MBA studies and how does that investment compare to the one required by other MBA formats? Are there any available scholarships?

[35:26] Considering full-time MBA participants have to quit their jobs, why is it worthwhile to study abroad instead of stay in their own home country?

[39:30] What about international students who have a spouse or a partner who also need support – do business schools provide such support throughout the MBA?

[42:50] What are some of the most exciting or interesting career success stories from current students or alumni?

[46:00] Are there any examples of people who have started their own business after the MBA and have become successful?

[50:45] What do you personally find most exciting and worthwhile about the full-time MBA programme?