Having orientated over a million MBA prospects in 70 countries globally over the past 15 years, Advent Group’s team certainly speak from experience when it comes to selecting the right MBAs in the leading business schools worldwide.

 Browse top schools to find the best for you.

What is your dream MBA?

A stamp of quality

Considering only accredited MBA programmes is step one. Accreditation serves as a stamp of quality guaranteeing high academic standards. The top three international MBA accreditation bodies are AACSB, AMBA, and EQUIS. On the other hand, media MBA rankings should be considered after obtaining a deep understanding of their methodologies and only in cases where they reflect your essential MBA selection criteria. Ranking should never be viewed as the single selection criterion.

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Catering for your growth

The highest value of the MBA experience comes from an MBA programme that fits your career goals and caters to your areas of improvement. So, define your career goals clearly and reflect on how MBA studies will help achieve them. Then research in detail the curricula, learning methodologies, typical career paths, and employment statistics. It is your development project that leads to the school, not the other way around.

A fit for your career goals

MBA studies and ultimate career destinations call for a realistic assessment of your career prospects. Factors such as the local language and culture can be as important as work permit requirements if you are considering moving to another country. Although the MBA is taught in English, speaking the local language is advantageous to those who want to secure an internship or pursue a career locally.

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Within your reach

Programme duration and delivery format affect your budget, ROI, networking, and internships, among other aspects, so analyse what is feasible. Finally, you need to assess realistically whether you meet the admission requirements in terms of length and quality of work experience, university degree, GMAT/GRE test scores, and English proficiency.

How to find the right MBA?

Explore the diversity of options

Your MBA is a highly personal experience. With the huge and diverse MBA offerings globally, identifying the one that is right for you is essential as it affects your admission chances, overall MBA experience, and career prospects. For best results, your research should be coupled with open-minded consideration of new options, orientation advice, and personal insight from communication with business schools’ alumni, faculty, and admissions teams.

Get a feel of business schools

So, take every opportunity to meet MBA team members face to face or online. Get a feel for business schools on campus. Personalised meetings with the representatives of schools that fit your MBA preferences and potential and visiting a school of your choice for free are just part of what you can gain with the global Access MBA Tour.

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Cross check where you belong

Additionally, smart and personalised online tools enable you to identify a larger pool of programmes to explore. Try out Unimy.com, which combines the power of AI technology and decades of Access MBA human orientation expertise to suggest your best MBA match among 3,000 programmes globally. A unique culture fit test additionally helps find out how the school’s intrinsic values correspond to yours.

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Only the MBA programme that fully corresponds to your preferences and potential, and is best suited to take your career to the next level, will make the difference you strive for. Now is the time to explore.