The charming Stacy Blackman from (you guessed it!) Stacy Blackman Consulting has some important tips for MBA candidates who want to stand out from the crowd, when all they have is “the same ol’ story as everyone else”.

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A guy named William wrote to Stacy to ask her how to make himself stand out from his peers when in fact he doesn’t seem to be all that different from them.

“Many of us undervalue our uniqueness”, Stacy says, “and we shy away from sharing personal details that can really make us stand out”.

The key is in communicating who you are as a person rather than focusing exclusively on what you’ve done as a professional.

You can do this by following these three easy steps:

  • Tell your personal story, what inspires you, what matters to you
  • Explain what you value and what you believe in
  • Show a bit of yourself, demonstrate your personality

Stacy wraps up her video with lyrics from Jay Z’s 2002 song A Dream to hammer in her point:

“Remind yourself - nobody built like you, you designed yourself”

And what that means is that an MBA application should really be about your MBA application.