Interview with Nick Cowles,
Head of Sales & Recruitment, EU Business School

How would you describe your full-time MBA programme in 50 words?

Our full-time MBA programmes are consistently ranked among the best in Europe. We offer a variety of specialisations, ranging from the traditional to the most up-to-date areas of international business. Students develop their business personalities and hone their management skills, while embracing key principles such as flexibility, creativity, and entrepreneurship.

Why do aspiring managers come to your school for a full-time MBA? Are there specific career paths, industries, or specialisations that your MBA caters for most effectively?

We equip MBA participants with the mentality and the skills to make an impact in a variety of disciplines. Our students have progressed to work for a diverse range of hugely successful companies such as Google, Nestlé, Facebook, Microsoft, Amazon, HSBC, J.P. Morgan, and Bloomberg. Others have honed their entrepreneurial spirit at EU, going on to create their own success stories by establishing innovative businesses in finance, IT, catering, executive search, and engineering. We instil a winning mentality and empower students to follow their passion.

When is the full-time MBA the right choice career-wise and when should professionals consider part-time and executive formats instead?

The full-time EU MBA is suited to professionals who want to complement their existing knowledge of management and business to take a step up the career ladder, change roles, or even change industries. The programme lasts for just one year, with all classes taught in the afternoons or evenings from Monday to Friday. During this time, students will cover the fundamental aspects of modern business management, before immersing themselves in an in-depth study of their chosen specialisation.

EU’s part-time courses last for two years and are ideal for students who have work or family commitments and would prefer a more flexible study schedule.

Whom will full-time MBA participants learn from at your business school?

Our high-calibre faculty is made up of full-time academics with doctoral degrees, as well as part-time instructors who are also active members of the international business community. All EU MBA specialisations feature guest speaker sessions led by high-profile international business leaders, and industrial visits to the likes of the UN, Garmin, FC Barcelona, UEFA, Nestlé and BMW. This blend of the academic and professional worlds supports a unique and exceptional quality of learning, reinforcing our pragmatic approach to education.

Concerning age and years of professional experience, can a professional get “too old” for a full-time MBA or be deemed “overqualified” for admission? On the other hand, what is the right time to commit to full-time MBA studies to achieve the optimum return on investment (ROI)?

Students enrolling in the EU Business School MBA need to have at least two years of professional experience. This often attracts younger professionals who are just beginning their managerial careers and who are driven and motivated to progress quickly. That said, the relevancy of the MBA depends on the individual and there is no such thing as being too old to enrol.

The ROI might appear to be less for an older student, but for those in their 40s there is still at least 20 years of active professional life to come. With the business world rapidly evolving in this digital era, studying an MBA at this age is likely to have a huge impact on a person’s career and, ultimately, their life.

What should aspiring managers consider when choosing between one-year and two-year full-time MBA programmes and what are the unique advantages of your programme format?

Our one-year programme is full-time and our two-year programme is part-time. Managers should consider whether they want a shorter, more intense educational experience or, for those with work or family commitments, a more flexible programme of study.

At EU Business School, we are also at the forefront of distance education. Our #1 ranked Online MBA programme is designed for those who would be unable to study an MBA on campus. The flexibility of this programme offers students the chance to become empowered without compromising their career or family life.

Full-time MBA studies require full commitment, but are participants really “out of the job market” during their studies?

During their studies, EU Business School MBA students develop a thorough knowledge of every aspect of business – from economics to e-business and from strategy to people management. Beyond this, their chosen specialisation will focus on one specific area of international business, ensuring that all students are perfectly equipped upon graduation to enter the global job market.

Complementing this is the mental strength and open-mindedness that comes with learning from innovative educators in a dynamic multicultural environment. With these qualities engrained in them from day one of their MBA programme, our students are always in high demand after graduation. 

How do MBA participants at your school get a taste of real business action during their MBA studies?

We have strong connections to real businesses and businesspeople. Students can interact with industry experts and leading international businesses right on our doorstep in Barcelona, Geneva, Montreux, and Munich. Guest speakers regularly visit EU Business School campuses to share their expertise and have been known to help students find internships and employment through their extensive network of contacts.

Learning takes place out of the classroom as well. What is it that actually makes up the full MBA experience at your school?

At EU Business School, learning is about more than just reading textbooks. Our programmes emphasise experiential learning – a method that focuses on case studies and hands-on experience.

Students are directly connected to businesses through industrial visits to local and international organisations. An integral part of our MBA curriculum, these industrial visits give students behind-the-scenes access and a privileged look at how businesses operate, while providing an additional opportunity for firsthand interaction with global business leaders.

This educational experience is enriched by our international environment. With over 100 different nationalities on campus, the collaborative learning experience at EU Business School cultivates an open and adaptive attitude, developing essential life skills and enabling life-long connections to be made.

What is a typical day/week like for a Full-time MBA participant at your school?

A typical day for an MBA student at EU Business School is hard to define as our programme is varied and comprises many different educational aspects. The day could involve learning in a traditional classroom setting, a guest speaker session from a renowned business leader, an industrial visit to a successful company, or even a collaborative workshop session.

What is guaranteed is that students will be learning in a dynamic, collaborative environment every single day, working alongside fellow MBA candidates from every corner of the world and absorbing the business experience of a highly specialised faculty.

What makes your full-time MBA alumni feel happy and proud after graduation from your business school?

The diverse mix of students at EU Business School gives them a global outlook. Our alumni often comment on how the multicultural environment on campus was of enormous benefit for them, enabling them to make professional connections and form genuine friendships, as well as giving them the intercultural communication skills required to be a leader in modern business.

Our alumni also speak highly of the inspirational faculty at EU Business School, who educate through innovative methods, and challenge and push students to discover their potential. Our graduates also praise the careers and alumni department, who offer support and advice on both academic and professional matters.