Do you have an idea about starting your own business? Wherever you are in your journey, an MBA can lift your success to the next level. The Newcastle University Business School (UK) supports students in developing a business plan, growing their companies, and connecting with potential backers and mentors.

Gretel Ferat Dixon, a Newcastle MBA alum and the university’s Start Up Advisor, shares some tips on successful entrepreneurship in this podcast.

There are many different kinds of business owners, says Gretel: from those working on a creative hobby on the side to those committed to building the next Facebook. Wherever you fall on that spectrum, Gretel is here to help. She supports students and alumni with one-to-one coaching so that they can define and achieve their business goals.

In coaching students, Gretel is drawing on her own experience as a serial entrepreneur. She has started multiple companies in the areas of IT and digital marketing. At the moment, she runs a small graphic design studio. Gretel is now bringing her diverse experiences to Newcastle so students can find their niche and launch successful start-ups.

Listen to the podcast to get a peek behind the scenes of how Gretel helps MBA candidates and to hear her advice on being your own boss. Listen to find out:

  • How a business can align with your passions and ethics
  • How to define the right scope for your business so it complements your life
  • How to set your own metrics for success, rather than copying others’

To find out more about what the Newcastle MBA offers, check out the school’s profile.