In this series of interviews, current RSM students share their experience from the MBA programme at Rotterdam School of Management. Read the interview with MBA participant Kudzai Mtemeri.

Why did you choose RSM for your MBA?

I was looking for a one-year programme in Europe. I did lots of research and noticed that many MBAs focus on one area, such as banking. At RSM, you can tailor your own MBA and be open-minded.

What has been the most challenging activity?

The Living Management Project was really challenging. You work on a real case, not just theoretical stuff, with other people and there is a lot of pressure in a short space of time. You keep asking yourself if you can do this, as it’s what companies expect after the MBA. But you grow as a person during this time. If it was earlier in the programme it would have been a nightmare, so the timing was perfect.

How has the Personal Leadership Development Programme affected you?

You face reality with things you don’t want to deal with, like areas you want to grow in. For example, I was scared of public speaking. But I was forced to face things that are out of my comfort zone. I’m not perfect at it, but it’s getting better.

Do you notice different cultural approaches to working within global teams?

Definitely. Initially, we just wanted to be nice to each other. Some cultures are more direct, but some are more respectful and don't want to speak up to negatively affect dynamics. People are now more likely to speak up. We’ve adjusted to each other well.

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