"Is the MBA degree worth it?" A question for the ages, this has probably been asked more times than every existentialist's favourite "Are we alone in the universe".

And while we don't have an answer for the latter (yet), the former is a subject of many articles, blogs and videos.

The latest vlog on the topic by BlueCollarMBA takes a rather clever approach by systemising the question in two columns – what the MBA can do for you and what the MBA can't. That means you won't be stuffing a biased answer down your throat, but instead, make your own decision by weighing in the pros and cons.

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So how does the MBA degree help?

It will:

  • Improve your credentials (CV or Resumé)
  • Boost your self-esteem
  • Provide opportunities for networking
  • Teach you undiscovered knowledge
  • Teach you how to make the most out of limited time
  • Teach you how to think outside of the box
  • Open up more career paths (in companies that value you for your talent)

So far, so good, right?

But how about the things that you won't get from the MBA?

It won't:

  • Automatically make your richer
  • Necessarily get you a new or a better job
  • Make up for lack of work experience
  • Make people respect you more just because you graduated
  • Magically make it so that you have to put less effort into making your dreams a reality
  • Turn you into a successful entrepreneur overnight

That's some quality food for thought, if we've ever tasted some.

The final verdict? BlueCollarMBA says it's "definitely worth it" and that "I would rather have the MBA than not have it".

We nod our heads in agreement, but ultimately, we want you to decide, and we're also curious about your opinion.