Business schools in Europe have built a strong reputation for themselves and are steadily gaining popularity. Some of the world’s best business schools are located in western Europe and there are myriad advantages and benefits from pursuing your MBA degree there.

Thanks to their international orientation, European institutions offer professionals the chance to develop a nuanced understanding of business on a global level. Here are just a few of the many reasons why you should consider doing your MBA in Europe.

One-year degree and competitive tuition fees

The European MBA differs from the US model in a few significant ways. With some exceptions, MBA programmes in Europe are one year in length, not two. Some schools offer even more flexible options with 12 to 18-month durations, depending on the students’ needs. That way you can get back to your career faster and start working on your return on investment.

Not only does an MBA in Europe take less time but it also costs considerably less. It is a smaller financial commitment to study for one year and tuition fees are much more affordable. The price range of MBA programmes in Europe ranges from EUR 9,800 to EUR 35,600, as per Masters Portal.

Cultural and business diversity

Western Europe has many advantages when it comes to business education, its immense cultural diversity being one of the biggest. Few other regions can offer such a variety of different cultures, languages and business approaches for such a relatively small area.

International network opportunities

Studying in Europe offers more than just cultural diversity that will enrich your experience. It also offers the chance to build international relationships. Establishing a diverse network can be a great advantage for your career. You will create connections with business professionals from all around the world that can later on turn into business partnerships and even lifelong friendships. You will also gain a wider perspective on the way different cultures handle business. Ultimately you will develop an international business mindset.

Smaller class sizes

Depending on the programme and institution, average class sizes are often a lot smaller than in the US. You might end up in a small class with as few as 30 students. That means you can get more personal attention and one-to-one support. It is also easier to establish lasting connections with the teachers which will be useful further down your career path.

Getting an MBA degree is a great investment in your future no matter where you choose to do it. Every school has its advantages and your choice depends greatly on your experience, goals and preferences. But getting a graduate degree in Europe will allow you to develop unique skills that will help your professional future reach new peaks.