20 months
Tuition fee
75000 CAD
Start date
14 August, 2024
Application deadline
01 June, 2024

The John Molson Executive MBA produces leaders who flourish in times of ambiguity and fast-paced change. Quebec's first Executive MBA, our program is rooted in real-world experience, with a focus on business fundamentals, innovation, global integration and leading change for the future.

It is designedfor executives, entrepreneurs and professionals with ideally 10 years ofbusiness experience and management experience,who would like to:
○Extend their grasp on Integrated Management
○Expand their Global take on Business
○Improve their interpersonal skills and decision-making abilities
○Create a network of diverse-high-achieving professionals that extends far beyond graduation
○Maintain physical and mental well-being while blooming as a high-level leader
○Grow as a successful, socially-responsible and ethical individualThe four-term program is completed over a20-month period(owing to breaks between semesters, actual classroom time occurs in only 15 of those months).

Classes are heldone day per week, on alternate Fridays and Saturdays. This enables students to be introduced to an idea or a practice in class on the weekend andbegin applying it on the followingMonday and then share their results with their classmates a few days later.

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Admission requirements


37 (Avg)
Work experience (years)
5 / 14 (Min / Avg)
Managerial experience (years)
5 (Min)

Student body

Male students
Female students

School Accreditations




Address: Montreal, Canada
Last update on: 07/09/2023
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