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IESE Business School is a trailblazer in leadership development whose globally renowned Full-Time MBA is aimed at people with inquisitive minds and global outlooks who aspire to leave a positive mark on the world. Ranked #3 in the world by Financial Times 2023, the program is delivered in Barcelona and led by faculty from 30-plus countries with PhDs from the world’s top schools. Its general management approach, bilingual immersion, and ethical focus permeate every facet of the program, setting it apart from other MBAs and contributing to a thriving career. During its many events, the program presents its highly customizable…
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Barcelona, Spain
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MBA 2023, South Africa

IESE had a great reputation for developing innovative students, with 30% of students starting their own business within 5 years of graduating. They have a strong entrepreneurship and startup club, which was a big pull. IESE also has a very active alumni investment network, and the students can then pitch their polished ideas to the VC and business angels within the school.

Dian de wet Chenmark

MBA 2022, India

The IESE MBA is a truly unique setting, developing future leaders in a cultural hub like Barcelona. Professors, academic resources and the diverse and global cohort make the whole MBA journey transformational.

Easaw George Amazon

MBA 2020, Philippines

IESE took me out of my comfort zone in every aspect -- from being surrounded by people who speak different languages, learning from an incredibly diverse set of peers, to learning how to sail. The experience is transformative -- packed and designed to challenge you and guide your self-discovery. It was during the program that I realized what type of leader I want to be and the kind of impact I want to leave.

Pia Tumbocon Lululemon

MBA 2023, United States

Although I had experience within startups and software prior to the MBA, becoming a founder introduced new and unfamiliar challenges – in part because of my geographical relocation. IESE plugged me into an invaluable founder and investor network, provided a supportive environment for startup iteration, and served as a launchpad in my entrepreneurial journey.

Kofi Acquah Bonocart

MBA 2022, Brazil

Do you know those people who join an MBA without really knowing what they want to do afterwards? That was me. I initially thought Tech would be my final destination. But as I went through the MBA journey and kept an open mind, I found an exciting path in Healthcare. The CDC was fundamental in this outcome: the team guided me through career conversations, interview practices, talks about the industry, emotional support... They had my back until the end. Their assistance enabled me to achieve a triple jump in my career, and I’m very grateful for their help!

Patricia Royo Novartis

MBA 2021, Netherlands

Coming from a strong engineering/tech background, I enrolled at the MBA to bridge my technical proficiencies with strong business acumen. I was able to identify my North Star at the beginning of the program, helping me focus my searches and recruiting strategy accordingly. CDC gave me quite a lot of support, as did my peers at the Tech Club and I was exposed to a plethora of opportunities across multiple geographies/firms.

Agnirudra Sikdar Amazon

MBA 2020, China

My IESE experience was truly beyond my expectations. I received valuable training to improve my business acumen and interview skills which have helped me to realize my career transformation. More importantly, with the support from the community, I learned from failures, developed a more mature self and built up confidence for any future challenge.

Mingyi Wang Lazada

MBA 2019, Spain

The IESE MBA is an all-around transformational experience. The program will push you out of your comfort zone while giving you all the business acumen and tools you will ever need. The IESE Career Development Center and the faculty helped me find new dimensions in myself to take on future challenges with absolute confidence.

Ignasi Buch Alhambra Infrastructure Advisors

MBA 2012, China

What makes IESE unique is that students are not simply taught about international business. At IESE you gain experience by working in a diverse and global setting

Qiao Zhang LIXIL

MBA 1999, China

The things I learned at IESE were to prioritize issues: people and family are always at the top of my list. Also, work and life are not contradictory but mutually encouraging. There are always ways if we care enough to find them

Myra Yu Teladoc Health

GEMBA 2021, Brazil

Real values are not writings on the wall or content on corporate websites; you must feel them. From my very first minute at IESE, the school’s values were apparent in every single interaction.

Paulo Tabarelli The Petshop LLC

GEMBA 2021, Angola

The GEMBA’s structure and global venues immediately appealed to me, but it was my visit to the Barcelona campus that sealed the deal. It was love at first sight for the school and the case method.

Dilma Lima Equinor

GEMBA 2018, Sweden

The interaction between students, faculty and outside influencers creates a hyper dynamic, self-development and learning environment. The program gives you knowledge, experiences and time for self-reflection which gave me a boost of confidence in order to dare to make changes in my life and career.

Anders Liljenstolpe NordicEdge Real Estate

GEMBA 2018, Zimbabwe

The Global Executive MBA taught me to enjoy a challenge, embrace it and work with others to solve it. It enabled me to benchmark myself with some of the best business leaders in the world.

Jes Chonzi International Finance Corporation (IFC)

GEMBA 2015, Australia

As leaders, our biggest challenge is to find the right ingredients when it comes to leading, motivating and creating an environment to foster innovation. The school reminds you of this simple yet difficult obstacle. We sometimes forget the word ‘people’ in people management.

Flavio Palaci MBO Partners

GEMBA 2013, United Kingdom

The GEMBA has been an amazing global journey across four continents. This has had an immediate impact on my career and also enabled me to build a global network for the future.

Eghosa Oriakhi Licena Group

EMBA 2020, Spain

A new way of seeing things, of approaching problems and meeting people. All the effort and sacrifice are rewarded 100% in terms of personal and professional growth. Without a doubt there is a before and after. I’ve met some good friends along the way while developing academically and gaining the tools to help me face complicated decisions in life.

Pablo Bros nVent Hoffman

EMBA 2019, Spain

The EMBA was a turning point for me. My time at IESE allowed me to complement my technical knowledge with essential soft skills which were key to developing my professional career and gave me a transversal vision of the entire company. It helps me on a daily basis to ask the right questions, to analyze problems from many different perspectives and to make more solid decisions. It also gave me brilliant colleagues from whom I continue to learn every day. Without hesitation, I would definitely do the IESE EMBA again.

Andrea Veiga Endesa

EMBA 2018, Spain

My IESE EMBA journey hasn’t just given me the tools to broaden my professional horizons, It has helped me to understand the importance of company values and their impact on society.

Raúl Aguilera i-PRO EMEA

EMBA 2017, Italy

Thanks to the program’s deep introspective self-analysis I have a greater awareness of my strengths and areas for improvement. The EMBA gave me hard business knowledge across all areas and and soft managing people techniques that increased my confidence and robustness in dealing with others in my organisation as well as managing people – and myself. I got the tools to improve my physical and mental stamina when facing, high pressure stressful and uncertain dynamics. The EMBA provided me with a network of professionals with the same vision and values of a manager’s mission and our impact on society. I know that I can rely on them to be there when I turn to them with problem – no matter what. The EMBA is a loud message and living proof my commitment to improving and growing as a manager and openness to new challenges.

Silvia Beggio Minsait

EMBA 2016, Spain

The EMBA has changed my approach to business problems and decision making. I’m now taking a much more holistic perspective. It’s accelerated my professional experience equivalent to several years of senior positions. This is a learning process brought about by many case discussions with prestigious top-level professors, colleagues with diverse profiles and excellent professional backgrounds and well prepared sessions to facilitate the discussion. This can’t be acquired through theoretical classes. The EMBA has an impact on your life and career that never ends – at least in my case. I continue to use both hard skills and soft skills acquired during the EMBA. Not to mention, being part of the IESE community has given me access to a wide network when I needed it. The EMBA has been undoubtedly one of the best decisions I have made professionally and personally. Now that I have a broader perspective over time (5 years since I finished), I can say that the investment of time, effort and money has completely paid off.


EMBA 2015, France

The EMBA has allowed me to give me more meaning to my work. My job didn’t change so much as the way I approached it and the responsibilities I took on during a takeover with strategic changes.

Jean-Baptiste Retif CESA - Héroux-Devtek

EMBA 2013, Germany

What the IESE EMBA learning takeaways have adapted to each new challenge I face. It’s given me the vital tools needed to move forward in every step of my professional career.

Klaus R. Gaebelt DIA Group

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