IESE Business School Full-time MBA


IESE Business School Full-time MBA

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IESE Business School Full-time MBA

IESE Business School

IESE Business School Full-time MBA

IESE Business School

IESE Business School Full-time MBA

IESE Business School

IESE Business School Full-time MBA

IESE Business School

IESE Business School Full-time MBA

IESE Business School

IESE Business School Full-time MBA

IESE Business School

IESE Business School Full-time MBA

IESE Business School

IESE Business School Full-time MBA

IESE Business School

IESE Business School Full-time MBA
IESE is a top-ranked business school that has stood at the forefront of global business education for nearly six decades. IESE caters to outstanding individuals at different stages of their careers, offering Full Time MBA, Executive MBA and Global Executive MBA programs. IESE's 15 or 19-month full time MBA Program, ranked #4 in the world by Financial Times 2021 and #1 in the world by The Economist 2021, offers a stimulating learning environment with 55+ nationalities and is designed to stretch and mold you into a global business leader. IESE also offers rewarding world-class career services with excellent employment (even under COVID-19, 87% employed within 3 months of graduation and about 33% changed industry, function, and geography).

Meet this school

IESE’s full-time MBA is a flexible duration program that can be completed in either 15 or 19 months. It is an experience that sharpens your technical and leadership skills with global, cross-cultural learning opportunities.

Whether you choose to opt for the 15 months or the 19 months duration, the program will be divided in core courses and electives. The first three terms are common to all students and represent a deep dive into business essentials, allowing you to hone new competencies, build your network and forge friendships with your classmates.

If you choose the accelerated 15 months track, you will have classes during the summer months instead of doing a summer internship. Those summer classes will be a mix between core classes shared by all and electives. If you go for the traditional 19 months format, your second year will be all about electives. There are currently more than 130 electives to choose from – an unrivalled opportunity to customize your academic load according to your business interests. Combined with international opportunities such as our global exchange program and overseas modules (available for both 15 and 19 months students), this is the moment to build the MBA that is right for you.

At IESE we use the Case Method. We find it to be the most effective way to leverage each classroom’s immense diversity. All our cases are taught in alignment with Harvard Business School’s teaching method, which enables discussion of real business situations from a general management perspective under the guidance of world class faculty.

IESE aims to have a positive and lasting impact on your personal and professional future.

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Full-time MBA

Accreditation: AMBA, EQUIS, AACSB
Rankings: #1 worldwide for Corporate Social Responsibility - Financial Times 2021, #4 MBA in the world - Financial Times 2021, and #1 in the world by The Economist 2021
Type of program: Full-Time MBA
Starting dates: September
Length of course: 15 or 19 months
Application deadlines:

Executive MBA

Type of program: Executive MBA
Formats: Weekly and Biweekly
Starting dates: September
Length of course: 18 months
Application deadline: August 2022

Global Executive MBA

Type of program: Executive MBA
Format: Modular with supporting distance learning
Length of course: 16 months
Application deadline:

MBA - Class profile

Women: 30%
Average age: 29.3
Average work experience: 6 years
International student: 85%

  • Europe: 32%
  • Asia Pacific: 24.7%
  • Latin America: 24.4%
  • North America: 13.5%
  • Middle East: 3.4%
  • Africa: 2%

Pre-MBA Sector:

  • Industry and Services 61%
  • Financial Services 20%
  • Consulting: 13%
  • Social and Public Sector: 6%

Executive MBA - Class profile

Women: 30+%
Average age: 34
Average work experience: 10 years
Number of nationalities: 20 

Global Executive MBA - Class profile

Average age: 39
Average work experience: 15 years 
Number of nationalities: 31+
Industries represented: 30+

Full-time MBA - Admission:

  • Application form (online)
  • 2 Essays
  • 1 Recommendation letter
  • University transcripts
  • Interview
  • GMAT (Average GMAT: 680) /GRE
  • TOEFL/IELTS score recommended: 105/7.5 (waived for English native speakers or people who have completed their studies or worked in an English-speaking country for 2+ years)

Executive MBA - Admission:

  • Application form (online)
  • Admission test or GMAT
  • Certificate of English
  • Support letter from current company
  • Two letters of recommendation
  • Degree
  • Copy of passport

Global Executive MBA - Admission:

We encourage you to contact us before starting your application for admission. An admissions mentor will help you to achieve a more personal understanding of the program, its impact in your career and whether the program is right for you.

Contact person: Nico van den Brink , Globa Executive MBA Admissions Director


Documents required

  • Application form (online)
  • Two letters of reference
  • University transcripts
  • Support letter from current company
  • Copy of passport
  • Digital photograph
  • GMAT/ Executive Assessment : Depending on your profile and CV. You may be exempt from doing so if you have ten or more years' experience, depending on your academic and professional background.
  • English language test

Admissions process detailed information here



Full-time MBA fee

Application fees: $ 200
Tuition Fees: € 93,500
Estimate for accommodation/living costs, insurance: € 18,000 per year

Myra Yu

MBA 1999, China

Executive Director, Cisco Systems China

President of the IESE Alumni Chapter in China

The things I learned at IESE were to prioritize issues: people and family are always at the top of my list. Also, work and life are not contradictory but mutually encouraging. There are always ways if we care enough to find them. "


Qiao Zhang

MBA 2012, China

Before the MBA: Unilever China

After the MBA: Bayer Business Consulting, Germany

What makes IESE unique is that students are not simply taught about international business. At IESE you gain experience by working in a diverse and global setting

Executive MBA - Our EMBAssadors: 

Click here for more information about IESE Executive MBA profiles

Global Executive MBA - Class profile:

Click here to see the IESE's Global Executive MBA participants profile


45,000+ Alumni: A Global Network

The Alumni Association is the keystone that the alumni have to maintain and enrich their relationship with IESE. More importantly, it offers a forum that enables them to fulfill the long-term goals that they share with the school.

IESE’s Alumni Association relies on the support of various Regional Chapters all over the world. Currently, there are over 45,000 Alumni in 104 countries. IESE provides lifelong learning opportunities for the business community that are firmly rooted in academic excellence, as well as human and social values. The Alumni Association actively pursues these objectives through a variety of learning and networking opportunities, which permit members of the association and the alumni community in general to strengthen the bonds that unite them all.

The association relies on the strong support of IESE and its faculty members, who are always ready to guide them with their valuable knowledge, research and advice. At the same time, the alumni respond by supporting IESE’s projects and activities, which continue to grow all over the world, and by boosting awareness of IESE and its prestige wherever they go.


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