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Full-time DeGroote MBA
Take control of your future potential. This full-time MBA program takes less than two years to complete and allows you to compete for paid summer internship opportunities during your studies. This is the perfect fit for any student wishing to accelerate their current career or transition to a new sector. Seamlessly integrating classroom and real-world experiences, the DeGroote MBA addresses industry needs and opportunities. With a focus on hands-on learning in a supportive and inclusive environment, our MBA students build critical thinking and collaborative groups skills as they work through the program.
Program format
Full time - 2 year
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Full-time DeGroote MBA (with Co-op)
This is your opportunity to join Canada’s premier MBA Co-op Program! Diversify your work experience and launch your career with this full-time program. Combining classroom education and 3 paid work terms, you will gain valuable industry experience while exploring career options and building your professional network. 
Program format
Full time - 2 year
Burlington, Canada + 1 more
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Accelerated DeGroote MBA
Are you a business graduate from a Canadian or American university? The Accelerated program allows you to complete your MBA and enter the workforce in as little as eight months.  Length of study: Full-Time: 8 Months, Part-Time: Up to 2 Years  Start date: September 2024 Work experience: Best fit for anyone with an undergraduate degree in business with a minimum two year of work experience.
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Full time - 1 year
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Blended Learning Part-Time MBA
One word: Balance. If you're a professional looking to earn an MBA, our unique program is the perfect option.   Our hybrid delivery combines online course content with weekend in-person residencies at our Burlington campus, providing a convenient and flexible approach to completing your degree while you advance your career. 
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Part time - Weekend
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Location: Mississauga, Ontario, Canada
Program: Full-time MBA
Prior education: University of Ottawa (Philosophy and Criminology)

Why DeGroote? I can sum it up in one word: community. Everyone in the program is there to support you reach your goals. 

Why an MBA? To me, an MBA is far more than a degree; it’s about building leadership and interpersonal skills. As someone who didn’t have a previous business education, I knew getting my MBA would help me grow and learn the skills needed to enhance my career.

What surprised you about DeGroote? The level of support I received from my classmates, faculty, and administration. The program is challenging and you will face hardships; however, you will never go through them alone. Everyone is welcoming, supportive and truly wants you to succeed.

What piece of advice would you give to anyone considering doing their MBA at DeGroote? Make yourself known – get to know your classmates personally, be engaged in the classroom, get involved in different clubs and activities, and most importantly, HAVE FUN!

Vivian Sadeh, MBA '22 Candidate

Location: Nepean, Ontario, Canada
Program: Full-time MBA with Co-op
Prior education: Wilfrid Laurier University (Health Sciences)

Why did you choose DeGroote to pursue your MBA? I chose DeGroote because I wanted to use my foundational skills from my undergraduate Health Sciences degree as a platform to build business competencies through a program that offered experimental learning in the classroom and co-op opportunities. I also wanted to participate in a collaborative and inclusive student community where we could support one another throughout the program and our careers.

How did your experience at DeGroote prepare you for your current career? DeGroote helped me in my career by providing me with resources to accelerate the development of my professional competencies, integrating me in a strong and connected alumni network, and supporting my personal and professional growth.

Sean Richardson, MBA '20 Consultant, Digital Care, Deloitte

Location: London, Ontario, Canada
Program: Full-time MBA with Co-op
Prior education: Western University (Biology)

Why did you choose DeGroote to pursue your MBA? Choosing the Co-op MBA Program at DeGroote was a clear choice; it was the only program I applied to. As a recent graduate with little professional work experience, the co-op opportunities would essential to my career development. Additionally, the positive student experience, as described by friends I had in the program at the time, was a top selling feature. My friends recounted how DeGroote offers a challenging, yet rewarding, program in a supportive and collaborative learning environment. Several years later as an alumnus, I am happy to report that this was indeed my experience.

What is your biggest takeaway from the MBA program? My biggest takeaway from the MBA program is an extensive network of professional and personal connections. DeGroote gives you countless opportunities to meet and learn from alumni and industry professionals, but more important are the connections and relationships I developed with my peers. Some of my closest friends are now individuals I met in the program. I am proud to be a DeGroote alumni and a part of their impressive legacy.

Amy Gorth, MBA '18 Process Improvement Coordinator, Bluewater Health

Location: Mississauga, Ontario, Canada
Program: Accelerated MBA
Prior education: Ryerson University (Commerce)

Why DeGroote? I chose DeGroote over other MBA programs was because of the Accelerated program offering. At the time, there wasn’t any comparable program that allowed me to finish my graduate studies in a condensed fashion—the Accelerated program was everything I was looking for and allowed me to hit the ground running as soon as I graduated.

What is your biggest takeaway from the MBA program? My biggest takeaway is that learning is never-ending and constant. Whenever I thought about successful people I would think that they’re successful because they’ve been doing essentially the same thing for so long. Therefore, that can be my silver bullet. However, the real success is because of constantly learning and broadening your skill-set. Before the MBA program, I was resistant to change. After completing my MBA, I look forward to embracing change! I enjoy the challenges that require novel solutions because that’s what my DeGroote MBA prepared me for.

Osman Khawaja, MBA '16 Senior Asset Management/Supply Chain Analyst, Johnson & Johnson

Location: Grande-Digue, New Brunswick, Canada
Program: Full-time MBA with Co-op
Prior education: Acadia University (Economics)

Why DeGroote? The co-op program! Although I had work experience, I didn’t feel like I had gained the necessary skills to advance in my career. I also wanted to have a career in supply chain but I did not have any experience in the field.
Why an MBA? After graduating, I worked several years in the banking and insurance industry. I wasn’t passionate about my work. After researching and networking, I discovered that supply chain would be a great fit for myself, so I decided to change career. I needed extra skills and an MBA offered exactly what I was seeking.

What piece of advice would you give to anyone considering doing their MBA at DeGroote? When applying for co-ops, apply to different fields! You never know what could peak your interest during an interview. All experiences earned during the co-ops is never lost.

Julie Poirier, MBA '21 Business Analyst, Whirlpool Corporation

Location: Mississauga, Ontario, Canada
Program: Full-time MBA with Co-op
Prior education: University of Toronto (Economics)

Why DeGroote? I chose DeGroote for the reputation of it’s co-op program, along with the academic reputation.

Why an MBA? I chose to do an MBA primarily to add specific business skills to my toolkit. In my previous role, I felt that there were some gaps in my understanding of certain business functions, and I knew an MBA would be the best option to fill those gaps.

What surprised you about DeGroote? The biggest surprise about DeGroote has been the collaborative atmosphere. Everyone is willing to extend a helping hand, whether it be preparing for an interview or studying for that big exam. It has been extremely refreshing to be part of such an environment.

Kwasi Oti-Awere, MBA '21 Management Consultant, EY
Last update on: 08/06/2023
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