Could you give us a brief overview of your EMBA programme?

Ours is a blended learning programme.  The 6 residentials over a 20 month period a are highly intensive, the inter-residential periods have online and directed study that really can be done at times that are convenient for the individual. 

We’ve chosen our locations as they are major existing or emerging economic hubs.  Our GEMBA students travel together to take their EMBA here in Manchester, in Shanghai, Dubai and Miami and then can chose individually to which of our other centres they wish to go to, to take their electives.  Our courses are delivered in specific locations to reflect some of the challenges or expertise in those regions.  For example the course that focuses on marketing and operations is delivered in Shanghai as the marketing activity that takes place in that region is cutting edge and we also have an opportunity to visit one of the largest ports in the world.  

What are the characteristics you are looking for in applicants?

Our GEMBA is targeted towards senior level executives who are aspiring to board level positions, individuals would have significant managerial work experience, usually a minimum of 8 years. 

What sets your programme apart from other EMBA programmes?

We’re highly selective and restricting our intake a single small cohort every year.  The overarching theme of our GEMBA is development of the EQ capabilities of the individual.  We do this through a taught course entitled The Reflective Manager that develops an individual’s ability to reflect on their actions but also, most critically, reflect as action is occurring – that this effectively means is we teach our GEMBAs to ‘think on their feet’.  In addition to the standard things like CEO panels, master classes and company visits we also have an extensive highly tailored personal development programme where individuals can meet with experts to address a diverse range of personal issues including such activities as exercise, diet and lifestyle review, how to work with media organisations or resilience training. 

Tell us about your curriculum. How is the EMBA programme structured? 

The Manchester Business School Global Executive MBA takes a holistic approach to management education, supporting the development of the ‘whole executive’.  Designed to support both academic achievement and personal growth, it features three separate but complementary elements.

Academic programme

Global, rigorous and challenging, the programme  is led by internationally renowned academics. It gives access to the very latest business thinking, and provides practical tools and techniques that can be immediately applied to our students’ workplace for maximum value.

The Reflective Manager

An innovative course, running alongside, but fully integrated with the academic programme.  The Reflective Manager allows students to reflect on, and critically assess, the way they make decisions, solve problems and manage complex situations. It provides practical tools to enrich their reflection-in-action in decision-making situations, equipping them to make positive changes in the future.


GEMBA+ is a suite of added value, extra-curricular experiences, ranging from high-level networking events to personal coaching, that will help the define their goals, enhance their interpersonal skills, build their corporate connections and raise their profile across the world.

How is your EMBA programme evolving to match the dynamics of business environments around the world? 

We’re a brand new programme that has been developed by industry to specifically to look at the tensions in business, personal tensions for business leaders and business tensions for example short term profit versus long term growth.