In light of the Coronavirus pandemic and related economic repercussions, professionals in all industries are looking for effective solutions to survive and thrive in uncertain times. The global spread of Covid-19 is creating a new reality the world is continually adapting to, including short-term contracts, teleworking, an increase in e-commerce, and travel restrictions. Even for optimists, making a substantial investment in academic and personal growth does not seem to be an obvious priority right now.

Crisis calls for opportunity

On the other hand, the current situation creates a need for advanced management and leadership skills. Managers who are ready to immerse themselves in key issues and seize new opportunities for self-improvement now will become stronger leaders in the wake of global professional volatility. Are you brave enough to dive into turbulent waters? Embarking on an Executive MBA (EMBA) journey while others hesitate can catapult you into a position to confidently navigate and lead the transformation of your organisation, while shaping your own personal transformation at the same time.

Boost your business analytics and agility skills

Since March, the pandemic has been accelerating the need for digitalisation and for resilient leaders to prevent, adapt, and react to crises. It is essential to embrace change and develop or hone marketable skills and leadership models to conquer uncertainty. 

Technological innovation, smart data, creativity, and agility are of growing significance. To fulfil this market need, the Rochester-Bern Executive MBA offers a holistic STEM-inspired curriculum to help you develop quantitative and qualitative business skills from one of the most highly ranked programmes for Economics (#4) and Finance (#5) worldwide. Reinforce your financial and general management toolkit, expand your global network, benefit from personal coaching and mentoring, and increase your self-confidence and credibility while the economy recovers from the pandemic. 

Modular, flexible Executive MBA

To make it easier for you to start your EMBA journey, the Rochester-Bern programme has created a number of flexible ways for you to pursue your dream. For example, as of 2020, it offers a spring and a fall entry date, thereby allowing you to complete the EMBA in up to 15 months. You may also work your way up to obtaining the dual degree (an EMBA from the University of Bern and an MBA from the University of Rochester) in stages by beginning with a Diploma or a Certificate of Advanced Studies first and completing the rest of the programme over a period of 5 years. 

As a Rochester-Bern student, you will continue with your education plans, no matter the situation. We remain flexible in the design of our courses and prepare for all possible scenarios in dialogue with the students. If our renowned, international faculty members are unable to travel to Switzerland, we create hybrid modules that allow our students to have the in-class exchange blended with online teaching. Participants who cannot attend classes due to quarantine or illness are able to join us virtually. 

Long-term benefits

As a potential EMBA student, I encourage you to envisage the long-term effect the dual degree will have on your professional and personal development. Approaching your further education with a long-term vision will help you take control of your career in uncertain times.

This pandemic is likely to further strengthen the cohesion among global EMBA communities of candidates, students, alumni, and lecturers. For the same reason, the next groups of students to join the Rochester-Bern programme are likely to be an especially strong network of professionals excited to plunge into such an adventure. Once the pandemic draws to a close and organisations reflect on what they learnt, they will potentially be looking for professionals who had the courage to seize opportunities.

You may have doubts about how to proceed and this is completely normal. However, when evaluating your options, take into account a longer temporal horizon. In retrospect, at graduation you may realise that our dual degree helped you to bridge the gap between the “old” and the “new” normal and to create your own future. It will have changed the way you think!