The folks at are known for sharing their extensive knowledge on the MBA with the world, but in this video, they give the stage to Fisher Business School student Pete McCaffrey who gives us 4 reasons why not having a business background should not stop you from pursuing an MBA degree.

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Pete is from a liberal arts background, although anyone from techies to pharmacists can relate to the fear of “not being good enough for an MBA degree”. But that’s exactly the thing – you don’t have to have a business background in order to get into a business school.

Here are Pete’s 4 reasons why non-business professionals are just as good as Finance and Accounting majors:

  • Your undergrad experience is probably more relevant than you expect, stay open-minded
  • Your Bachelor’s degree would teach you to solve complex problems, which is also what the MBA is about
  • Your work experiences might also be more relevant than you think – leadership and problem-solving skills are universal – they apply to all disciplines and most definitely to business
  • Business schools are aware that many students do not have business backgrounds and do not require this type of knowledge (we would even wager that they’d sometimes even encourage it)

Here is the full video, courtesy of the organisation behind the GMAT Exam: