“For somebody like me, who possesses experience but has no real international exposure, who has a family and the project to change his career pace, HEC is the best European MBA.“

What do you like about teaching at HEC? What do you enjoy most of all on campus?

I find that most of the teachers are there not only to deliver knowledge but also to drive us to play with it. The campus is nice with over 8000m of sports terrain and the ability to practice a lot of sports is really useful to get rid of stress. The HEC High School parties are really fun when you really need to make a break. The most important thing is that I am learning and gaining the knowledge that I felt I lacked before the MBA. The diversity and qualities of the participants allow access to diverse experiences in quite a condensed period of time.

Please describe the curriculum timetable, career services, and perspectives?

I live on campus. We have around 30 hours of courses per week. But we spend a lot of time by ourselves studying in groups or alone (30 to 40 hours). A lot of events have been organised: recruitment events, a presentation per week, a finance forum. There are also a lot of CV Help desk sessions. And HEC has very strong contacts in all sectors of industry that I am interested in, and I have had confirmation from these contacts that my MBA can allow me to get a post I would not attain without the diploma.

Could you please list the details that you didn't expect to encounter while studying?

The good surprises were:

  • The quality of the participants: only 17 French people among 47 other nationalities.
  • Learning a third language - Chinese - 4 hours a week.
  • Excitement due to the multitude of discoveries I encountered while studying new material and meeting incredible new people.
  • Getting to know myself better.
  • Discovering many potential jobs due to recruiters meeting with MBA students at school.

You received a scholarship. How can one be obtained?

I had one of the biggest scholarships of HEC. The tips I could advise are:

  • A high GMAT score (for HEC, more than 700).
  • An essay in which you are bold about why the school should invest in you. Be creative, explain why you are different. Present your professional project as an attractive business plan.
  • Assure the admissions committee that you are able to finance your studies by yourself.

However, be clear why you need a scholarship - family responsibilities, to allow your family move to a new place, etc.

About Hubert de Premont

I am 33, married and have 2-year-old twins. I graduated from Ecole Superieure d'Arts Graphiques, Penninghen starting with mathematics and then graduating with a diploma in graphic design. I had my own venture, a marketing events agency, for 6 years.  I have been an account manager at Publicis Group and then a Marketing and Communication director for one of Rothschild Group's subsidiaries.