Why did you choose Chicago GSB to study for my Executive MBA?

Firstly, this programme matched my requirements by providing me with access to a formal, rigorous education with some emphasis on quantitative matters, a well-selected international group of schoolmates with outstanding, diversified backgrounds, and last but not least, a strong network of alumni to support me in the next stages of my career. These are the assets that the Chicago GSB offers and, even more important, this is also the reputation that the Chicago GSB has among many employers.

I decided that, in my future career, when opportunities arose, I wanted to be identified by the Chicago GSB brand: strong, quantitative, strategic and innovative.

The Chicago GSB also means flexibility. I had an interest in strategic retail banking and the Executive MBA helped me in the transition from Investment Banking to Wealth Management, focusing on the area of Risk Management. Barclays, my new employer, supports career progression by improving education and guarantees study support to its employees. Hence, they appreciated and supported my willingness to study by offering me a position while I was already studying for my Executive MBA.

My medium-term target now is to move into a more strategic related role within the retail banking business, and focus on the Asia and Latin American markets. When the right moment arrives, I feel confident that all the forces embedded in the "Chicago GSB experience" will come together and give me the competitive advantage to perform in those moments of truth that the University of Chicago Graduate School of Business is famous for.

About Mario Manca

For Mario Manca, completing an MBA had always been a personal objective and he thus spent considerable time researching and analyzing all the different options. Driving his decision was his belief that the business school he chose would impact his future career forever. He chose the Chicago GSB because of the school's reputation and the "mark" it would provide for the rest of his professional life. Mario is graduated from the GSB's Europe Campus since March 2007.