With an undergraduate degree in Computer Science Engineering, Piyush has 7 years of experience in product and project development in the IT industry including two years as an international consultant for various companies. This experience helped him to gain insight into the business aspect of product development, including business model and market strategy. It was at this juncture that Piyush decided to pursue an MBA, in order to broaden his understanding of the business world and to develop professionally.

What was your goal and how will the MBA help you achieve it?

My main goal was to gain an overall perspective of the business environment and to develop soft skills, in order to be able to distinguish myself. A successful business needs sound financials, robust marketing plans, a product which suits market needs and most importantly a vision which charts the future growth plan. Besides these technical and strategic skills, you need, of course, to be very good at managing emotions and adapting yourself to any kind of situation that might appear.

The Lisbon MBA helped me acquire competence in each of the above mentioned aspects. It has provided me with a 360-degree perspective on business and the necessary skills to evaluate, create and nurture a business venture. One of the most distinct features of this MBA was the focus on soft skills and how I have learned to leverage them, in order to determine a successful career path which matches my goals and ambitions.

What were the most important aspects you considered when choosing an MBA course?

The most important aspect when choosing an MBA was the credibility of the institutions involved. The partnerships between institutions and accreditations determine the credibility and quality of the degree.

Second, given the cost of the MBA, and the difficult times we live in, when jobs are scarce and salaries offered are not as high as they used to be, Lisbon appeared as the perfect city to do an MBA. It is one of the cheapest cities in Europe with an incredibly cosmopolitan lifestyle and great academic quality competing with the major European Universities. Besides, it was imperative that the placement rate was high, so that together with an affordable cost, I would have a return on investment in shortest amount of time possible through post-MBA job of fers.

What was your most valuable experience during the programme?

The most valuable experience during my studies was the Summer Immersion period at MIT Sloan School of Management as a result of the partnership with The Lisbon MBA. Part of the programme being based outside Europe provides a good external insight into the European business environment and other economies. A chance to study at the prestigious MIT Sloan School provides a great opportunity for students to adapt to different and unique teaching techniques and learn from the best in the world in specific topics. It is one of the most conducive environments for learning and personal development.

How would you describe the learning environment at The Lisbon MBA?

It is inclusive and very broadening. The faculty members and staff provide all the suppor t and encouragement necessary to foster a great learning experience for all the students. The faculty members share the passion for teaching, offering all the help and support students need. They also have a great capacity to stimulate our interest in business subjects which all leads to a deeper and greater understanding of these subjects. The staff are also very helpful, and the Lisbon MBA keep their intakes small in order to provide personalised attention to each one of us, so we almost feel like a family.