Specifics of the Part-Time MBA Options

The number one reason why part-time matriculants choose their programme is that it allows them to continue working.

Specifics of the Part-Time MBA Options


There are 2 main formats for part-time programmes:
-  Regular part-time
-  Modular MBA

Regular format: Consists of 1-2 demanding evenings a week in class plus approximately 15 hours a week for individual study, preparation and group work.

Modular MBA: Modules lasting from one week to one-month on-campus, alternated with lengthy periods spent off-campus in the workplace. A Modular MBA consists of distance
learning elements: via Internet-based technologies schools keep in contact with students during their time back at work and there is much online learning during these periods.


2 types of courses: core courses and electives. In comparison with a full-time MBA, the difference may include a smaller range of electives and less academic elements such as foreign trips, project work and in the field management development.


As a rule, regular part-time programmes are local. Modular MBA programmes often require studying on several campuses.


  • Accessible to young professionals
  • The cost of an MBA can be spread over a long period of time
  • Flexibility of curriculum
  • Modular MBA allows you to study abroad


It is a challenge to balance study, work and personal life.

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