Stressed out again? This has probably become the norm for those trying to balance two very important parts of life: work and studies. Be it Masters or MBA, the contemporary requirements of the professional world require a sound education and extensive knowledge as the keys to success. Yet, you have those bills piling up and let’s face it -- the labour market these days requires job experience as much as professional degrees. Hence, if you want to get where you want to in life, you must solve the conundrum and do both, often at the same time. 

Here are 5 ways to help you manage work and MBA at the same time.

Part-time/Online MBAs

It is definitely convenient to be living in the time of Generation Y as things have gotten a lot easier. You can opt for a part-time MBA along with work and you will only have to spend around 15 hours per week for individual study, along with 1-2 evening attending lectures. You can also simply log onto the website of your university of choice and begin an Online MBA. While it requires the same amount of commitment, it gives you a substantial amount of flexibility. Attend virtual lectures when you are not at work and simply email assignments. It can't get any easier than that!

Part-time/Freelance work

So you want to focus on your MBA and work enough to pay the bills while also being able to afford a night out with friends once in a while? You can find part-time work rather than opting for a part-time MBA. If part-time work still doesn't suit you, technology once again comes to the rescue by giving you the option of freelance work. Numerous platforms online offer freelance projects and many pay a substantial amount for high-quality.

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Managing your schedule

You have surely heard that everything you do is all about how you take what is coming your way. The first thing to do is practise your time management skills and set a routine. You may opt to be an early bird, a night owl, or manage your time during the weekends between work and MBA. Make sure you are organised and set up appropriate reminders for assignment deadlines, classes, business meetings, and all work-related commitments. This will prevent panic in tight situations as you will be aware of what is expected of you in advance. Good organisation increases efficiency and this will amplify the time available for studying or pondering over a new business strategy.

In order to set a schedule which suits you, it is best to know your strengths and weaknesses. If you work best at night and are still able to get up in the morning, set a night owl schedule. If you are fresher in the morning and are able to wake up in the wee hours at dawn to squeeze in study time, then choose that schedule. Do not choose a routine which inconveniences you, and there is no need because you have plenty of options. Choose wisely!

Tech it up

The benefits of technology cannot be emphasised enough. Whether you are travelling, at work, or simply don't want to be laden with books and notebooks, your tech gadgets can really facilitate your MBA. Download your textbooks to your iPad or use Kindle to find research material. Organise yourself with your cell phone and carry your mini laptop with you to complete assignments. These gadgets are not too bulky but can easily enable you to sneak in an hour of studying while riding shotgun or typing in a few paragraphs of your assignment while eating lunch. However, remember not to overdo it and do justice to both. Simply put, do not finish MBA assignments during work and do not work during MBA study time.

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Live life

You are overladen with work and MBA and can't breathe. The result is that you are likely to get agitated with both and your performance may deteriorate. Make sure you have a life besides these two activities as that can help you maintain a psychological and emotional balance. Meet friends for a coffee once in a while, go socialising, or go catch that movie you've always wanted to watch. A simple walk in the park or reading a novel besides MBA course books or How to Excel at Work manuals may do the trick in helping you unload.

Besides, "socialising" can quickly turn into "networking" if you have the right attitude. Talking to old friends can give you fresh information for your MBA assignment or give you some insight on how to handle a task at work. It is always easier to finish a task when your mind is already brimming with ideas. Breathe and think other things besides work and MBA at times. It will help you succeed.

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