If you are just starting your business school journey, you might be looking for a comprehensive overview of important topics to consider during your MBA search. Our collection of the top articles published on Access MBA throughout the year offers you a range of perspectives – from campus visit opportunities to the latest university rankings.

Explore what business professionals and aspiring leaders like you have found interesting about the MBA selection process over the past year.

#10. How to Select the Right MBA Programme for You and Your Career

Having orientated over a million MBA prospects in 70 countries globally over the past 15 years, Advent Group’s team certainly speak from experience when it comes to selecting the right MBAs in the leading business schools worldwide.


#9. How to Ask for Employer MBA Sponsorship

An MBA is an expensive endeavour, and if you have set your heart on doing one, you will need to figure out how to finance it. One option available to you is to ask for employer MBA sponsorship. 

There are various ways to cover the cost of an MBA. It is also possible to combine different funding methods. Self-funding and part-time work are among the most popular funding options. Postgraduate loans are another possibility. Scholarships and bursaries are also available for some programmes, but bear in mind that competition for them is stiff.


#8. The Changing Business Landscape

Millennials, digitalisation, politics, and the cost of tuition are some of the major forces currently affecting business education and the business landscape as a whole. Let’s look at whether and how the MBA experience has been affected by latest trends and what evergreen advantages the degree holds.


#7. Win a Campus Visit with the Access MBA Tour

Participants in the Access MBA Tour will have the unique opportunity to visit the campus of a business school of their choice for free.

The 2019 Access MBA Fall Tour will visit 39 countries on five continents between 28 August and 3 December. The Tour, which celebrates its 15th anniversary this year, enables business professionals to meet leading international business schools during One-to-One and small group meetings. The One-to-One meetings format gives young professionals the chance to get acquainted with top international MBA programmes throughout the world and find the one that is best suited to take their career to the next level.


#6. Forbes Publishes 2019 MBA Rankings

Forbes has released its 2019 MBA rankings for the United States as well as one- and two-year international MBA programmes. This is the magazine’s 11th biennial assessment of the best business schools.

The rankings strive to answer one major question: Is a full-time MBA worth it? The lists are based solely on the median returns on investment achieved by graduates from the class of 2014.


#5. Why Do Rankings List So Few German MBA Programmes?

German MBA programmes are committed to maintaining high standards of quality, yet are conspicuously lacking from most closely-watched business school rankings. We look at how experts and leading business schools in Germany themselves explain this and what the latest stats and facts reveal.


#4. The FT 2019 Global MBA Ranking Reveals a Changing Landscape

The Financial Times has released its 2019 Global MBA Ranking, with changes to this year’s ranking pointing to a global business education market in transition.

Although the top 10 list is relatively unchanged, the Global MBA Ranking offers a glimpse of some of the key changes in business education occurring worldwide.


#3. Choosing an MBA: Aim as High as You Can Reach

The MBA degree has long been considered as a ticket to success, a gilded highway to a high-flying international career and significantly higher income. Achieving these goals is guaranteed by a great variety of MBA programmes, not just a few top-ranked business schools.

Suppose you have set your heart on an MBA programme. You envision yourself climbing the corporate ladder, switching careers or even starting your own business. The MBA can indeed serve as a stepping stone to a bright future in the world of business.


#2. What to Do if You Cannot Afford MBA Tuition

Dealing with MBA tuition costs and all the additional expenses that come with attending business school is an essential task on the action plan of every aspiring manager. If you are worrying that an MBA programme exceeds your budget, do not give up before exhausting all possible alternatives to get over any financial roadblock.


#1. You Still Have Time to Apply for These MBA Scholarships

There are a number of MBA scholarships for the 2019-2020 admissions season that you still can apply for if you hurry up. Below you will find four MBA scholarships that will significantly alleviate your financial burden.