Warwick Geneva Hotel | Feb 25, 2023

Meet the World’s top Business Schools

  • Learn about business school programs
  • Talk to MBA & EMBA admission directors one-to-one
  • Learn how an MBA gives you access to top management positions
  • Receive a speed coaching session - CV/LinkedIn Review + Networking hacks


Participation is free but registration is mandatory. Please answer the 13 questions below so we can evaluate your preferences and requirements and match you with the best MBA programs.

Participating Schools


Feb 25, 2023

How One-to-One meetings work

Step 1:

Sign up and complete the online registration form. Then, we review each profile and call the candidates to gain a detailed understanding of their MBA projects, assess their motivation, and help them identify their options.

Step 2:

After that, we evaluate each MBA candidate’s preferences and requirements and match them with the most appropriate business schools.

Step 3:

Those selected for One-to-One meetings receive a list of their scheduled meetings with business schools. Candidates can change the schools in the list by turning to their dedicated consultant

Why attend the Access MBA event


Connect in a safe in-person environment with the world’s top-ranked business schools


Build a sustainable career path through top international MBA or EMBA studies


Take part in panel discussions featuring school representatives and alumni


Receive free professional admissions and career development advice

What Other Candidates Have to Say

Amir Iqbal

"My meetings with the business schools were very helpful; definitely better and more efficient than a fair. I will apply to one of the schools that I met today."

Olivia Ilie

"The organization of the event was impressive – all of my meetings started on time. The discussions made me want to be a student at two of the participating business schools!"

Stellio Lestevre

"The format is quite compact, with many schools at the same time and place, and I had the opportunity to ask questions and get answers one-on-one right away."


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